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Technology Research

We help our clients stay at the cutting edge in applied science and engineering. Our PI has a broad range of research experience and expertise that spans topics in mmWave electronics, lasers & optics, sensors, and interconnect design optimization.

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PCB Design & Layout Services

From PCB design for embedded systems to commercial space and military IoT, Northwest Engineering Solutions can help you stay at the forefront of technological change. As a full PCB service bureau, we can help you take your design from concept to full-scale production using industry-standard design tools and methodologies.

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PCB Manufacturing Services

We work with our PCB manufacturing partners to help you balance lead time, capabilities, cost, and standards compliance. Our partner capabilities include quick-turn prototypes, high layer count/HDI, high frequency, flex/rigid-flex PCB manufacturing, and specialty designs like ceramics and metal-core.

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IC Substrates & SLP Design

As domestic manufacturing pivots and focuses on cutting-edge capabilities to support advanced packaging, we've stepped into the IC substrate and substrate-like PCB markets with innovative ultra high density products. We support substrates for standard packages and specialty designs like chip-on-board and multi-chip modules.

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Technical Content Marketing for the Electronics Industry

As part of a comprehensive SEO-driven content marketing strategy, we help companies in the electronics industry craft engaging and insightful technical content that drives organic traffic from search engines and helps your target market solve their toughest challenges. We deploy content in all channels as part of a modern, fully-integrated digital-first marketing strategy.

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