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Since 2017, we've provided electronics design and PCB design services to large and small technology companies. Our designers have a broad range of experience working in industries such as telecommunications, alternative energy, and embedded systems/IoT. We also work directly with EDA software companies and innovative manufacturers; we understand what it takes to design your next product and bring it to life.

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Our Process

  • Contact us for a consultation and quote.
  • Send us all available documentation on your design, including schematics and engineering BOMs. If you haven't created your schematics or they need updating, let us know and we'll work with you to make them perfect.
  • We'll send you completed flat or hierarchical schematics, PCB layout, any required embedded software, fabricator documentation, Gerbers, assembly drawings, and manufacturing BOMs.
  • Throughout the design process, we'll collaborate with you on any required design changes and provide suggestions to improve your new product.


PCB design services


Our Capabilities

Modern PCB Design & Layout

We have experience designing PCBs for high speed digital systems, backplanes and daughterboards, optical systems, wireless/IoT products, high power electronics, all-analog boards, and much more. We start with your schematic and BOM or your eCAD files, and we provide you with a finished PCB layout along with all standard manufacturing documentation and assembly drawings.

  • High speed PCB design - Layout and routing for high speed interfaces (DDR, MIPI, Ethernet, USB, PCIe, etc.)
  • RF PCB design and layout - Microwave/mmWave systems design and layout, waveguide design and routing, and mixed signal systems
  • HDI design and layout - We know how to work with dense, high layer count boards (24+ layers)
  • Rigid-flex PCB design - We design flex and rigid-flex boards, including boards for aerospace and defense electronics
  • Embedded systems design - Learn more about our embedded systems design services
  • PCB manufacturing preparation - Full documentation package creation and managed PCB manufacturing services

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PCB design services

Turnkey Design and Manufacturing

In addition to PCB design and layout, we work with local and overseas manufacturing partners to get your board produced at your required volume. Instead of applying a large markup for these services, we bill hourly and pass the savings on to you.

  • Quality and compliance - We only work with ISO-9001, AS9100, and ITAR/JCP certified manufacturing partners.
  • Full design review and BOM cleaning - Each design is inspected for reliability and obsolescence.
  • Consultation and quotes - We shop your design to our partners to get you the best price and lead time.
  • Component sourcing - We help you navigate the electronics supply chain and produce at volume.
  • Transparent pricing - We don't apply a markup to orders, we bill at a fixed rate for managed manufacturing.

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Full turnkey design and manufacturing

Design Verification and Consulting: Power and Signal Integrity

Signal integrity and power integrity problems are the bane of many PCB designers. Power and signal integrity problems at the PCB layout level can cripple a new system, and they can be difficult to locate and solve.

Our extensive experience in PCB design and analysis makes us a natural choice for consulting on signal integrity and power integrity issues in new, complex PCB designs. We're one of the few PCB design bureaus that runs all its own signal integrity simulations and analyses.

Need a hand with a current or future PCB design project? Find out the difference our experts can make.

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