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As the electronics industry moves towards finer linewidths and higher feature densities in PCBs and packaging, IC substrates will become a dominant part of product development for advanced electronics. We apply our electronics design expertise to IC substrate designs to enable a new range of products with diverse in-package functionality. Come work with NWES to learn more and start your next project.

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Our Capabilities

UHDI Design for IC Substrates and SLPs

A focus on product design requires addressing electronics performance capabilities at all levels, from the completed PCBA down to individual ICs. As densities in electronics packaging have increased, many designs are requiring an ultra-HDI (UHDI) approach that spans across IC packaging, substrate-like PCBs, and traditional PCBs through a unified design process.

During the substrate design process, we work directly with your fabrication facility to ensure manufacturability and scalability in the finalized IC substrate design. Our goal is to deliver a design and data package that ensures reliable and scalable manufacturing. Our collaborative approach reflects best practices and helps you reach success.

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Our IC Substrate Focus

IC substrate

Rigid & Flex IC Substrates

Substrate like PCB

Substrate-like PCBs

Multi-chip module

Multi-chip Modules


Chip-on-Board Packaging

System in package design


2.5D and 3D packaging

2.5D and 3D Packaging

Design Applications

We target advanced areas on the cutting edge of heterogeneous integration, 2.5D/3D packaging, and advanced high-frequency systems enabling cutting-edge applications and products.

  • BGA/Flip-chip/CSP IC substrate design
  • Advanced 2.5D/3D integrated processors
  • RF modules with antenna-in-package
  • Compact power modules mixed-signal designs
  • Highly integrated mixed-signal designs
  • Channel extraction, modeling, and verification

Full turnkey design and manufacturing

Quality and Capabilities

Our overseas fabrication partners provide advanced capabilities that help our clients scale to high volume. We work directly with overseas vendors to ensure our designs are high quality with high yield, and we help smooth the transition to high volume production.

  • Quality controls - Our IC substrate vendor partners are ISO-9001, AS9100, NADCAP, and/or RoHS/REACH compliant.
  • UHDI approach - High layer count for substrate-like PCBs, multi-chip modules, and chip-on-board packaging.
  • Feature sizes - 15/15 µm linewidth/spacing, 45/95 µm laser-drilled via/pad sizes, bump pitch based on fabricator capabilities.

Our Process

We provide customers with PCB design and advanced packaging design solutions to accelearte the innovation process for cutting-edge electronics.
  • Contact us for a consultation and quote.

  • Send us all available packaging documentation detailing ball-outs, RDL/interposer requirements, and schematics showing electrical requirements. If in-package components are required, include an engineering BOM in your data package.

  • We'll send you completed flat or hierarchical schematics, layout data, 3D models, fabrication documentation, and manufacturing BOMs.

  • Throughout the design process, we'll collaborate with you on any required design changes and provide suggestions to improve your new product.

How We Work

Why Work With NWES?

  • Broad expertise - We're a digitally-driven remote-first organization with diverse talent and experience. We know your technology because we've used it and built it.

  • Manufacturing partners - We work with local and overseas CMs and EMS providers that are ISO-9001, AS9100, ISO-13485, IPC-A-610, NADCAP, and/or ITAR/JCP certified. We help you find the best option to produce prototypes and scale to volume production.

  • Supply chain management - We take a proactive approach on projects to ensure your design can be produced at the required volume. We'll manage procurement from major distributors or brokers throughout your project.

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