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Our mission is to keep our clients at the cutting edge of new technology with the best tools and resources we have to offer. Take a look at our essential design guides, compliance guides, case studies, and manufacturing information.

NWES PCB Design Blog

If you want to learn about PCB design, stay up to date on the newest PCB design trends, or kill some time at the office, then read our blog and subscribe to our updates.

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PCB Design Guides & Case Studies

We compiled our best-of content, case studies, and long-form design guides into one convenient location. Learn more about what we do and come see we help our clients build advanced electronic systems.

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High-Speed PCB Design Guides

Our essential guides for high-speed PCB designers are compiled on this page. Learn more about this challenging field of digital systems design with topics focused on routing, stackups, and system-level design.

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Example Designs

Access design examples created for our EDA clients and made available for public reuse under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA). Design files and a complete manufacturing package (except fab/assembly drawings) are available for free download.

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Gerber files online viewer

Online Gerber Viewer

To help clients review their designs before production, we created our online Gerber viewer utility. Anyone can access our Gerber viewer for free. There are no accounts to create, no subscriptions, and you'll have a complete view of your fabrication files before you submit designs for a production run.

  • View your Gerber file exports in our web-based interface, complete with layer control
  • Upload individiual Gerber files, complete project exports, or ZIP archives
  • Switch between multiple projects during each session

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Essential Guides

We've compiled essential resources for designers and clients to learn more about the electronic product development process, as well as compliance and industry standards.

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PCB Design Process

Come see how the PCB design process takes your idea from concept to product.

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PCB Fabrication Process

Learn about the primary steps in the PCB fabrication process.

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PCB Assembly Process

Learn about the PCB assembly process and how to get your final product.

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IPC Standards

Read our guide on IPC design and qualification standards.

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Advanced PCB & IC Materials

Meet the materials used in advanced PCBs and IC substrates.

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RF PCB Materials

Learn about materials used in RF PCBs and mmWave devices.

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PCB Design Glossary

A glossary of terminology used in PCB design and manufacturing.

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