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The saying today is "content is king." Every business needs a strong web presence, and you can create that presence with right content marketing strategy. Nowhere else is this more true than in the electronics, semiconductor, and software industries. In this hypercompetitive environment, EDA companies, PCB manufacturers, service bureaus, IC design companies, and software firms need a content strategy that drives engagement, generates leads, and ultimately produces conversions.

Ever wonder why your competitors are seeing double digit growth year-over-year? They're spending time building their brand by growing their organic audience and speaking to issues that affect the electronics industry. They aren't doing this with PPC campaigns, they're doing it by providing real solutions to real challenges designers face daily. With our SEO-driven approach to technical content marketing, you can drive traffic, convert leads, and secure your place as a leader in your industry.


Our SEO & Technical Content Marketing Process

Many companies think that simply posting blogs will drive organic traffic and engagement, but turning your content marketing campaign into conversions takes much more. Our content marketing strategy is designed to bring organic traffic to your site by prioritizing rankable keywords and publishing on a consistent schedule. This strategy is designed to complement a standard PPC, social media, newsletter, or webinar campaign.


Technical content marketing and SEO in portland for the electronics industry


We take a unique approach to technical content marketing and SEO that we like to call B2E, or business to engineer marketing. Your technical customers are looking for answers to their toughest technical challenges. You'll win them over and drive conversions by showing you have the answers. You'll also have an opportunity to provide real insights that build your brand, drive engagement, and demonstrate industry leadership.

  • Comprehensive SEO Strategy - We do more than just fill up pages with your favorite search terms. We improve search engine visibility by targeting high traffic, low competition keywords for your content. This is proven to drive engagement and sales.
  • Insights from Experts - Our team of expert engineers, PCB designers, and technology researchers bring real insights to your technical content marketing campaign. This helps you stay ahead of the competition and shows you can lead the electronics industry to new heights.
  • Tracking and Analytics - We implement industry-standard analytics tools across your site, allowing you to track engagement and learn more about your customers.

Who We Serve

EDA Software for PCB Design

Our clients include providers of desktop and web-based EDA software for PCB design. Our technical content campaigns are crafted to speak to highly competitive markets, articulate high level electronics trends, and lead the industry by resolving controversies in the EDA community.

As part of these campaigns, we craft content containing essential design PCB guidelines and advnaced insights in 5G, IoT, telecom, photonics, automotive, high speed/RF design, and other areas of PCB design. We've also expanded our existing technical content marketing campaigns to new product lines and acquisitions for our clients.

Electronics Manufacturing Companies

Traditional electronics manufacturing is not going away anytime soon. Our clients are leading the way in short run prototyping, turnkey manufacturing, and digital manufacturing. With these areas being so complex, our clients need a marketing team that can craft an engaging narrative and articulate high level industry trends. Our campaigns are geared to serve everyone from major electronics companies to entrepreneurs and growth-stage hardware startups.

Modular Systems Design and Manufacturing Software

If you're not a hardcore embedded systems designer, modular systems design software provides entrepreneurs, consultants, and smaller companies solutions that enable full systems design and turnkey manufacturing. These web-based solutions are becoming more popular than their desktop equivalents, and our technical content marketing team is here to help drive growth.

Our role is to guide the client on defining their target markets and product launch with a comprehensive digital marketing and technical content marketing strategy. Our technical content marketing campaigns in this area target IoT products, military systems, and medical devices.

Electronic Components Search Engines

Anyone that has opened up an electronic device knows the number of components required to make it work. With the millions of component options available on the market, engineers need a search engine that helps them narrow down their options. We help our clients supplement these capabilities by providing component selection guides and industry insights.

As part of our work with these services, we craft content to provide guidance and insights to engineers through technical blogs and component selection guides. Our content also complements component marketing campaigns in collaboration with component manufacturers and distributors.

Electronics and Photonics Simulation Software

The modern world runs on photonics and electronics, but none of these devices would make it to market without the right simulation and analysis tools. Engineers and researchers in industry and academia look to our clients for expert advice and insights on using these complex tools to further technological development.

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