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We're a PCB service bureau that provides embedded systems design services and firmware development. Our embedded systems design services are powering industrial equipment, wearables, IoT/edge computing applications, embedded machine learning/AI systems, and much more.

Whether you're building a new wearable device or equipment for Mars satellites, your new product won't get off the ground without the right hardware, software, and firmware design. We'll design your embedded system to meet the demands of next generation IoT, edge computing, and industrial automation applications.


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Custom Embedded Systems and Hardware

We build advanced embedded systems from standard COTS hardware platforms and fully custom designs. Our past projects include:

  • Custom COMs, SoMs, and SBCs

  • Custom baseboards, IoT products, and edge devices

  • Focus areas: Industrial automation, aerospace and defense, SDR/RF products, edge computing

  • Popular MCUs: STM32, Nordic, ESP32/8266, TI MSP/CC Series

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Specialized Embedded Products

We've developed a line of standardized and customizable embedded systems. You can use one of our existing solutions or we can design a custom system with standard form factor:

  • 3U/6U OpenVPX backplanes (Supports VITA 65-67)

  • Rackmount SBCs (Intel and Xilinx based)

  • GNSS/LTE-enabled smart asset trackers

  • Customizable IoT platforms with custom base and shield boards

Learn more about our embedded aerospace, defense, and IoT products.

Embedded Systems Firmware

Make your next embedded system more intelligent with custom firmware.

  • Embedded development in C/C++, Python, VHDL and Verilog

  • Development with Google Coral AI and NVIDIA Jetson platforms

  • Integration with LabVIEW VIs and DAQs

  • Embedded machine learning and AI: TensorFlow Lite, Caffe, Python NLP libraries

  • Applications include embedded computer vision, automation, environmental monitoring, and much more.

Your embedded system doesn't have to operate in the field alone. If you need to interface with an existing API, web-based or mobile apps, or you need your backend built from scratch, Northwest Engineering Solutions is the ideal embedded systems design company to build your next application. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

Need a hand with a current or future embedded systems design project? Find out the difference our experts can make.

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