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We're more than a PCB service bureau, we design custom hardware and software for new embedded systems. We’re familiar with major hardware platforms, and we develop software for advanced edge/IoT/analytics applications. We’ll take your new system from prototype to production grade.

We also have partnerships with major manufacturers, and we can help guide you through manufacturing, test development, and sourcing processes. We'll design your embedded firmware to meet the strict demands of advanced edge computing, IoT, and industrial automation/computer vision applications.


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Embedded Firmware Design Expertise

We provide embedded firmware and software development for the following popular languages and platforms:

  • Embedded Linux development: trimmed-down Yocto and Debian

  • Embedded development in C/C++, Python, VHDL and Verilog

  • Integration with your web application

  • Integration with LabVIEW VIs and DAQs

Embedded firmware design services

Embedded Application Areas

Our hardware design and embedded firmware design experience spans simple sensor boards to advanced guided munitions systems for the US military.

  • Embedded AI with Google Coral AI and NVIDIA Jetson

  • Computer vision: image classification, object detection, and object tracking

  • Sensor networking, industrial systems, aerospace and defense systems, RF products

Learn more about our analytics development and integration services.

Embedded firmware design applications

Embedded Hardware Platforms Expertise

Have a specific hardware platform in mind? We'll create the embedded firmware design for your new system. Our team has experience working with the following popular embedded languages and platforms:

  • Experience with popular MCUs: STM32, Nordic, ESP32/8266, TI MSP/CC Series

  • Custom COMs, SoMs, and SBCs

  • Custom baseboards, IoT products, and edge devices

Need a custom board for your application? Learn more about our PCB design services.

Embedded firmware design

Your embedded system doesn't have to operate in the field alone. We'll make sure your system interface with an existing network, API through your web platform, mobile apps, or a fully customized backend. Northwest Engineering Solutions is the ideal embedded firmware design services company to build your next application. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

Need a hand with a current or future embedded firmware design project? Find out the difference our experts can make.

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