Content marketing strategy for tech companies

Why Tech Companies Need a Content Marketing Strategy


Well-known marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk constantly push the idea that you need to produce and share 60 pieces of content on a daily basis. I respect Gary and his massive success, but like many guidelines on marketing and product design, it’s easy to take this recommendation out of context.

60 content pieces per day may be fine for a B2C business that sells flashy products and easy-to-understand services, but B2B companies that sell advanced products need a more sophisticated content marketing strategy. This is especially true for technology companies that sell advanced products to aid innovation in new technology. Software companies, materials companies, and hardware companies can all benefit from a comprehensive content marketing strategy that integrates an SEO strategy. Here’s how you can create a powerful content marketing strategy around your products that drives engagement, attracts leads, and ensures long customer lifetimes.

Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are many benefits to content marketing, especially when taken alongside a comprehensive SEO, social, gated content, webinar, and email marketing strategy. When you need to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy for your company, consider the following points:

  • Target the entire funnel. Your content marketing strategy should target all portions of the funnel. For branding and initial engagement, thought leadership marketing is a critical type of content marketing designed to showcase your company’s position of technical acumen and leadership within your industry. For readers in the initial consideration stage, mid-funnel content helps readers see how your product fits into their workflow or relates directly to applications they regularly work on.

  • Create SEO-driven content. Every piece of content that appears on your website should be search engine optimized to attract organic visitors searching for your solutions on the web. Many companies focus only on hitting high traffic keywords for which they will never rank, or they ignore the search engine landscape entirely. Some companies just happen to win on accident, but the right SEO and content marketing strategy provides greater benefits than either strategy considered in isolation.

  • Solve technical problems. Anytime you provide actionable advice for solving technical problems, you’ve helped build your brand and position of leadership. By providing solutions within the context of your product or service capabilities, readers will know that you offer products or services that are directly applicable to them. Readers will also see your company as a resource for solving their technical problems and will keep coming back to your site, which then helps you populate your sales funnel.

  • Different media should reinforce each other. By this we mean that written content and video content groups can address similar topics and link to each other on your company’s website. This helps keep users on your site and drives them to engage with you in multiple ways. An example is with webinars and written content; if these content pieces are composed on similar topics, they can link to each other to provide resources around the same solution. They can also target different keywords, which provides SEO benefits around a broader topic area and helps increase search engine traffic.


Effective content marketing strategy for tech companies

The top two methods technology marketers use to reach their audiences are email campaigns and educational content. [Source: Content Marketing Institute]


Composition and Execution

If you can succeed in these three areas, you now have a library of content that can be shared across your social channels, through email newsletters, and as gated content. A content marketing campaign is not a short-term endeavor; doing it successfully and building you brand into a resource of technical knowledge and solutions takes time and effort, but it pays off in the long term. In addition, SEO-driven content can be used alongside PPC campaigns, providing long-term and short-term benefits.

Your internal team of sales and marketing engineers is the starting point for content composition and topic selection. They’ve been interacting with prospects and they know the pain points of your audience, and they can inform content producers on the topics that will drive the most engagement. They can also identify specific technical questions that are faced by the audience, and they can provide talking points or specific product/service features that are part of the solution. When these solutions are communicated in a piece of content, that content should then be shared on social media, in email blasts, and in direct interactions with customers and prospects.

Upper management also has a role to play in content selection, especially when a company wants to target a new market. They tend to bring a different perspective and can provide talking points that help drive engagement and sales. Upper management can also provide some perspective on the company’s value proposition, which then helps content producers craft a narrative of industry leadership.

An external content marketing firm is also a good choice to help you compose SEO-driven technical content. An external firm with writers who have used your product or competitive products is ideal for content creation. They can write well, they know how to communicate with your audience, and they know how to provide solutions to technical problems. The best content marketing firms are also SEO firms; they can ensure you see the greatest benefits from search engine results.


The engineering team at NWES provides marketing services alongside hardware and software design services. We’re the best choice to create and execute a content marketing strategy for tech companies because we’ve built your product and we’ve used your product. We know how to communicate its benefits to your target audience. We provide thought leadership and content marketing services to electronics companies, advanced materials companies, optics companies, and software companies. Contact NWES to get started on your next content marketing campaign.


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