SEO and content marketing for tech companies

Benefits of SEO and Content Marketing for Tech Companies

By ZM Peterson • Jan 1, 2020

Search engine optimization and content marketing shouldn’t have to be separate. According to a 2017 report from Ascend2, 57% of surveyed marketers stated the most effective SEO tactic is content creation. Many companies take both marketing angles seriously; their goal is to ensure their site is SEO-friendly, and that they are producing engaging content for their audience.

But what does it take to get the most out of your content? SEO and content marketing strategies are often developed with different goals in mind, and they are usually viewed as separate pieces of a broader marketing strategy. When one takes time to understand the benefits of SEO and logically translates them into content, it no longer makes sense to view content strategy and SEO as separate. In fact, your content marketing strategy and your SEO strategy can truly complement each other if formulated properly.

What is the Best SEO and Content Marketing Strategy?

There is no single answer to this complex question. The answer depends on your business, your product, your audience, and how you reach them. However, there are some common trends in both areas for a number of businesses.

Simply put, any business that relies on online engagement from customers needs content marketing to promote their brand, communicate value by highlighting services, and differentiate themselves from competitors. This applies to B2C and B2B companies that produce a variety of products. However, the type of content you produce should do more than just get likes on Facebook and LinkedIn. It should build trust with your target market by helping them solve their technical challenges. Going further, it should prospective customers that your company’s products or services will solve their technical challenges.

This is especially important for companies that sell complex products and services. Two great examples are innovative software companies and advanced electronics manufacturers. With the right content strategy, you can build trust with your target market, increase customer lifetime value, and drive engagement through your social channels. This begs the question: how can you use your content for more than just social posts? This is where SEO and content marketing need to be brought together in a unified strategy.

Unified SEO and Content Marketing

Whenever you get a spam email from an overseas SEO company, they are basically trying to charge you hundreds of dollars to get your business listing to appear in Google. This is a basic aspect of SEO that any digital marketing company can handle. A strong digital marketing and SEO firm does more than just get you to appear on Google Maps. You need customers that don’t know about your company to find you whenever they search for a product or service you offer.

Just like content is an effective strategy for communication, SEO is an effective strategy for driving internet traffic to your website, and it works alongside a standard PPC campaign. When your customers are searching for solutions to a technical problem, they most likely aren’t searching for the name of your company. Instead, they are searching for information about their problem and trying to find specific solutions. You can bring visitors to your website by creating content that targets high traffic, low competition search terms related to these solutions. Furthermore, when the solution you provide works within the products and services you offer, you have a higher chance to convert visitors into customers. Any solution outlined in your content should be actionable; if a customer buys your product, they should be able to implement your solution immediately.

This is extremely important for companies that offer high-value products (e.g., enterprise software, manufacturing, R&D, military/aerospace, and much more). Even more important is when the products themselves help your target market overcome tough technical challenges. Using SEO and content marketing as a unified strategy gives you a chance to attract a broader segment of the market and communicate your solutions in an engaging way.

Flowchart for SEO and content marketing

The SEO and content marketing process.

What a Real SEO and Content Marketing Firm Provides for Tech Companies

If you sell software or hardware that helps scientists and engineers solve complex technical challenges, you can’t have just anyone compose content for your product. Many content writers are intelligent and creative, but they are not technical people. Most content marketing firms will find sub-par writers to compose emotion-driven content for technical products, and this content will inevitably fail to provide real solutions or convert visitor to customers.

The best content creators are experts that have built or used your product. As an example, if you’re a PCB manufacturer, then the ideal content creator is a PCB design firm that also markets new products. A company composed of technical experts understands the value your product brings, how to differentiate it from competitors’ products, and how to communicate solutions to potential customers. In the software and hardware domains, the most effective content creators are designers and engineers. This group is critical as they likely have experience using your product or a competitor’s product, and they understand how to craft engaging copy for your audience.

At Northwest Engineering Solutions, we’ve designed and built hardware and software platforms for large enterprises, startup companies, and the world’s largest eCommerce company. We also provide SEO and content marketing services for the world’s largest EDA software companies, Japan’s largest filter glass company, PCB manufacturers, and a plethora of small companies. Because we’ve likely used your product, or we’ve created similar products, we know how to best market your product and communicate its value. No other SEO/content marketing company can provide this level of insight for your audience.


If you’re interested in learning more about NWES and our digital marketing services for innovative electronics companies, feel free to contact us for a consultation.


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