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Who We Are

Northwest Engineering Solutions provides advanced technology solutions to the aerospace and defense electronics companies, technology startups, large enterprises, and the U.S. government. Our R&D expertise includes PCB design, embedded development, and advanced technologies like AI and sensor fusion. Our broad range of technical experience gives us the capabilities to tackle the most complex technology projects.

Our Expertise

  • Technology Research - Basic and applied research in random lasers, electromagnetics, signal integrity in PCB interconnects, and RF systems. Learn more about our technology research expertise.
  • Electronics and PCB Design Services - High speed PCB design, RF PCB design, IoT products, rigid-flex pcb design, and much more. We also provide managed manufacturing services through ITAR-compliant partners. Learn more about our PCB design services.
  • Embedded Systems Design - Modular systems development and embedded firmware development for a range of advanced embedded systems. Examples include backplanes, aerospace systems, embedded AI, and security. Learn more about our embedded systems design services.

Learn more about our aerospace and defense electronics solutions.

  • NAICS Codes: 334418, 334412, 541715, 541710, 541330
  • Product and Service Codes: 5963, 5998
  • UEI NXMDLAKNH9E1 (DUNS# 080996092)
  • CAGE# 80W03
  • JCP# 0085059
  • Oregon Certified COBID ESB# 11291



As a fully remote small business concern, our structure makes us more competitive with access to broader capabilities than a typical consulting firm. We also leverage a network of consultants and freelancers to solve your complex technical problems, and we work with our partners to deploy your solution at scale.

  • ITAR & AECA compliant
  • Registered with the Joint Certification Program (JCP)
  • Price competitive
  • Broad talent pool
  • Deep technical experience and proven performance

Applications Areas

  • IoT products for sensor fusion and asset tracking
  • Military embedded computers, rackmount SBCs, and VPX/OpenVPX backplanes
  • Ruggedized power supplies, inverters, & AC-DC/DC-DC converters
  • UAV and UUV power converters and control boards
  • Custom SOM and carrier board design
  • Engine & afterburner monitoring and testing equipment

Past Performance

  • SBIR under NSF: Software-Defined Sub-Terahertz Imaging Radar for Algorithmic Agility and All-Weather Transportation Safety
  • IoT platform development in collaboration with Raytheon, Collins Aerospace, and Pratt & Whitney
  • 3U/6U OpenVPX backplane design and layout for guided ordnance systems
  • US Department of Energy grant for nanophotonics and alternative energy research (#DE-FG02-07ER46406)
  • Private clients include: Intel, Altium LLC, Raytheon Technologies, Amazon, PPG Inc., South Bay Circuits, Pratt & Whitney, Advanced Input Systems

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