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Our Trusted Supply Chain

The electronics industry seems to be in a constant state of flux, oscillating between shortage and surplus across all component classes. NWES focuses on helping clients navigate the turbulent waters of the electronics supply chain as an integral part of the PCB design process. Supply chain management is built into our design process with a focus on ensuring clients can source the components they need and de-risk production for their most important products.

To help clients successfully manufacture prototypes and to ensure clients can scale to high volume, we leverage our experience across design competencies to optimize your BOM, identify at-risk electronic components, and identify viable distribution options. We also work with a distributor network that includes vetted overseas broker who can help supply parts for customer builds.

  • Identify at-risk value-creating components early
  • Source and procure components early
  • Leverage our vetted broker network
  • Cost-optimize your BOM for volume production

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Electronics Manufacturing Network

Our manufacturing partners offer a range of capabilities and production options to help you balance your costs, lead time, and production location. We produce locally through EAR/ITAR-compliant partners, with services ranging from full turnkey manufacturing and quick-turn prototyping to volume production options that help your company scale.

Partner Location Capabilities
Portland, OR Quick-turn prototyping services
Turnkey or consigned assembly orders
Low and moderate volume production options
Best for low lead time builds with standard material specifications
Tuscon, AZ Low lead time prototyping services
RF PCB fabrication capabilities with PTFE laminates in stock
Low and moderate volume production options
Chandler, AZ Volume production options (10k+ per month)
Single-source production option with fabrication + assembly in-house
Lower cost overseas fabrication options
Design optimization review provided to ensure quality, cost reduction, and yield
Scarborough, ON More advanced fabrication capabilities
PTFE and hybrid board builds offered as a standard service
HDI production options up to high layer counts and fine-line features
Low and moderate volume production options

Preferred Distributors

Electronics supply chain

Electronics supply chain

Electronics supply chain

Electronics supply chain

Broker Network

Electronics supply chain

Electronics supply chain

Electronics supply chain

Electronics supply chain

Simple Steps to Sustainability

Ensuring sustainable production and resilient supply chains has become the new focus for the electronics industry, spanning from chips to raw materials and completed assemblies. To see how we navigate turbulence in today's sourcing environment, take a look at our case study detailing our approach to sourcing for a major defense contractor. Simple changes to the typical just-in-time supply chain approach helped NWES secure parts on-budget and kept production on-schedule.

Read the Case Study

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Produce With Confidence

Whether you're producing prototypes or a large run of advanced PCBAs, you need a design and manufacturing firm that lives and breathes the electronics supply chain. Our process helps you source and produce sustainably with minimized risk and delay.
  • Contact us for a consultation and quote.

  • Send us your design documentation, production files, and BOMs. If you need help finishing or reviewing your design, let us know and we'll work with you to prepare your product to scale.

  • We review your design in collaboration with our partners and provide you with a list of production options that balance lead time, cost, compliance, and capability.

  • Sit back and relax, we'll oversee the process and handle logistics to ensure you get the highest quality products that meet your expectations and functional needs.

Why Work With NWES?

  • Manufacturing partners - We work with local and overseas CMs and EMS providers that are ISO-9001, AS9100, ISO-13485, IPC-A-610, NADCAP, and/or ITAR/JCP certified. We help you find the best option to produce prototypes and scale to volume production.

  • Procurement - We’ll manage procurement from major distributors or brokers as needed. We can also modify a design with substitutes when needed.

  • Supply chain management - We take a proactive approach on projects to ensure your design can be produced at the required volume. We'll manage procurement from major distributors or brokers throughout your project.

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