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Powerful PCB Design and Layout Tools

Altium Designer provides all these features and many more in a single program:

  • Hierarchical and multichannel schematic design
  • CAD tools for component creation and PCB layout
  • High-speed PCB design and signal integrity tools
  • Library and component management in a single platform
  • Instant PCB manufacturing deliverable generation

Key Features

The schematic editor in Altium Designer is your entry into a new design. Use the built-in CAD and simulation features to create and evaluate your design:

  • Circuit design tools for building professional schematics
  • Access to a massive component library with supplier links
  • Integrated SPICE engine for circuit simulation and analysis

Schematic capture Altium Designer

The PCB Editor in Altium Designer was built with CAD functionality in mind, giving a designer every tool they’ll need to create professional layout documents and prepare for full-scale manufacturing:

  • Highly accurate CAD tools for component placement and copper feature definition
  • Create modular blocks to quickly build and reuse portions of a PCB layout
  • Integrated field solver for impedance calculations in your PCB stackup
  • Post-layout simulation toolset for advanced design and analysis tasks

PCB layout in Altium Designer

Altium’s advanced routing features are built to handle everything from DC power systems to ultra-high-speed digital systems and high-frequency analog systems in a single program:

  • Standard single-end and differential routing features that obey custom design rules
  • Any angle routing, length tuning, pin swapping, and BGA fanout applied automatically
  • Auto-interactive routing helps speed up routing in designs with high net count
  • Easily route advanced interfaces like DDR4, PCIe, USB, HDMI, and much more

PCB routing in Altium Designer

High speed design takes care and planning to ensure success. Altium Designer’s toolset was built to help ensure every designer can conquer high speed layout and routing:

  • Automatically enforce trace width and spacing during routing
  • Easily enforce impedance results as design rules on specific nets
  • Simulate crosstalk and reflection waveforms in your PCB layout
  • Spot return path violations to prevent signal integrity problems and EMI

High speed PCB design

The design rules engine in Altium Designer is unique in that it checks a design as it’s created and communicates with all other features in the Schematic Editor and PCB Editor.

  • Catch errors early before they force a redesign
  • Run DRCs on demand
  • Quickly jump to errors in design documents
  • Automatically generate reports to prove conformance

PCB design rules

In addition to creating components with standard CAD tools, Altium Designer gives users access to the electronics supply chain with real-time sourcing and inventory data.

  • Create high pin count schematic symbols and PCB footprint data
  • Generate IPC-compliant PCB footprints and land patterns
  • Easily create and modify libraries for your project
  • Access real-time supply chain data directly from authorized distributors

PCB component creation

You shouldn’t need an external program to prepare manufacturing files. Altium Designer will generate these for you with the OutJob file feature.

  • Create fabrication files in standard Gerber file formats
  • Create drill drawings, drill files, and pick-and-place files
  • Generate any drawing you can imagine with Draftsman
  • Compile sourcing data into your BOM and export data for assembly
  • Apply settings to your manufacturing files automatically with templates

PCB manufacturing services

Cloud Collaboration with Altium 365

Altium 365 takes your designs into the cloud and helps you scale. Take advantage of the world-class design tools in Altium Designer and project management in a secure cloud environment.

  • Source components with Octopart + IHS Markit data
  • Collaborate with your design team
  • Release projects to your manufacturer
  • Integrated SVN and user access management
  • ECAD/MCAD collaboration and field solver integration

Enterprise-level Integrations

Altium Designer doesn't limit you to electrical design. With the Altium 365 platform and a range of built-in extensions, users can integrate Altium Designer and their workflow with industry-standard engineering design software, cutting-edge simulation tools, and supply chain management services.

Individual designers and large enterprises trust Altium Designer for their advanced electronics design projects. Now with Altium 365, all Altium Designer users can collaborate in a secure cloud platform, streamline their PLM processes, and quickly get to manufacturing.


Altium Designer’s integrated set of PCB design and layout features is ideal for designers of any experience level and companies of all sizes. Altium Designer’s tools were built to satisfy industry demands while still being intuitive for beginners, and the user interface is consistently rated as the easiest to learn and use. Underneath the design features in Altium Designer is a design rules engine that unifies all of Altium’s PCB design and layout features in a single program. Altium Designer users have everything needed to take an advanced design from concept to PCB fabrication and an assembled product.

PCB Design Tools for Advanced Electronics

Whether you're an individual designer, service bureau, or large enterprise, Altium Designer and Altium 365 work together to give you a powerful platform for PCB design and analysis. Stay productive and design cutting-edge technology with the best design features:

  • Schematic capture - Hierarchical multi-channel schematic editor with easy component access and an integrated SPICE simulation package

  • PCB layout - Industry-standard, highly accurate PCB layout features

  • PCB routing - Auto-interactive routing, fanout, and length tuning to help you route trace groups quickly

  • Layer stack design - Built-in 3D field solver for highly accurate impedance calculations

  • Advanced simulations - Interface with external field solvers for SI/PI/EMI and mechanical simulations

  • 3D PCB design - Native 3D design features that integrate with MCAD software

Take Your Design Into PCB Manufacturing

Don't rely on external programs or manual processes to create manufacturing files. You can create everything needed for PCB prototyping or high-volume manufacturing in Altium Designer:

  • PCB manufacturing outputs - Instantly generate PCB fabrication and assembly data in standard file formats (Gerbers, IPC-2581, ODB++).

  • Supply chain visibility - The ActiveBOM tool and Octopart integration in Altium 365 give Altium Designer users real-time supply chain data.

  • Instant documentation - Generate high-quality fab and assembly drawings with the Draftsman utility built into Altium Designer.

  • Streamline your workflow - You can speed up your design and output processes with OutJob files and documentation templates.

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