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We've made some of our favorite design examples available for community use on this page. These design examples were created for EDA clients or have been approved for public release by past design clients. All design files are available under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA) for non-commercial usage. As more designs are created, we'll add them to this page.

By downloading these files, you acknowledge that you accept the Website Terms of Service and the Terms and Conditions on Usage of Open Source Designs.

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nRF52 Module With Battery Power

PN: NRFMOD-001, Last updated: December 2022 (Rev A)

nRF52 pcb design example

This Bluetooth module is based on the nRF52 WLCSP fine-pitch BGA package. Includes an EEPROM, programming header, I/O header, batter connector, and power/battery management. USB charging is not included at this time.

Major components include:
  • nRF52840 (WLCSP)
  • TPS70933DBVR
  • FR015L3EZ
  • PCF8523TK
  • CAT24C512WI-GT3

Dual ADC Module

PN: ADCEX-001, Last updated: December 2022 (Rev A)


This ADC module includes a rad-hard power regulator from Intersil and two ADCs: 1 isolated ADC and 1 non-isolated ADC. Input signals for the ADC and isolated +5V power are provided through 3 SMA connectors. An I/O pin header is included for access input/output data and programming the non-isolated ADC.

Major components include:
  • ADC128S102CIMTX
  • AMC1203BPSA

USB to UART Bridge

PN: USBUART-001, Last updated: January 2023 (Rev A)


This module provides USB-to-UART conversion in a small form factor. The device includes additional ESD protection on the input and output sides of the device for added reliability. Additional protection could be implemented with an enclosure and a chassis guard ring applied to the board edge.

Major components include:
  • CP2102

USB Charger Module

PN: USBCHG-001, Last updated: January 2023 (Rev A)


This 2-port USB charger module operates at 12 V input with maximum power output of 15 W at 5 V (3 A maximum current) per port. This device uses edge connections for a pluggable interface, although it could be modified to include a through-hole connection to a pin interface or flying leads.

Major components include:
  • LM73606
  • TPS2549

Disclaimer: components or circuits used in these designs have not been evaluated by semiconductor vendors and NWES makes no guarantee of functionality. NWES cannot be held liable for any malfunctions, injury, or damages arising from the use of these example designs. NWES will not review your design, provide usage advice, or provide free design guidance for these example projects. Any user that downloads, modifies, manufactures, distributes, sells, or otherwise uses the design data posted here does so at their own risk. For more information, see our Terms of Service page.

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