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A case study by Northwest Engineering Solutions

Electronics engineers in all industries, including aerospace and defense electronics, are asked to design and bring to market more new products in less time. Meanwhile, private and government clients are demanding more features in smaller packages. The pressure to work faster is reinforced by recent industry studies, where it was found that "fast response time" and "fastest lead time" are the top two criteria developers use when selecting an external partner for design, fabrication, and assembly. There is real market pressure and competitive pressure to shorten design cycles, creating an incentive to outsource designs and potentially violate EAR/ITAR regulations.

In a recent engagement with an aerospace and defense contractor, Northwest Engineering Solutions was able to leverage the skills and experience of its design team to expedite production, testing, delivery, and deployment of a critical electronics platform. By leveraging its ITAR-registered PCB manufacturing partners, NWES can design, manufacture, test, and deliver production-grade electronics for defense and aerospace systems in record time. Read more to learn about our process in engaging with aerospace customers and how we leverage our ITAR PCB manufacturing partnerships to expedite production.

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