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PCB Material Search

Find the perfect PCB laminate material, powered by PCB Directory.

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Online Gerber Viewer

Inspect and verify your Gerber files in our online viewer.

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COMING SOON: PDN Impedance Calculator

Simulate your PDN impedance and compare with a target value.

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COMING SOON: Transmission Line Impedance Calculator

Simulate transmission line impedance and losses with roughness.

Our Favorite Free Design Tools

Get a head start on your next design before engaging with a PCB design services firm or buying expensive licenses. We recommend this list of design tools to customers who want to do some front-end work on their project before starting a new engineering project.

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A free lite version of Altium's flagship PCB design software.

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Analog Devices' incredibly popular circuit design and simulation package.

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An advanced electronics simulator based on QUCS.

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Power Stage Designer

A power systems design application from Texas Instruments.

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WEBENCH Power Designer

An online power supply design tool from Texas Instruments.

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Coilcraft LC Filter Designer

LC filter designer for power and RF, from Coilcraft & Nuhertz.

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Signal integrity simulation and analysis in Python.

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Open-source 3D electromagnetic simulation in Python.

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Wise 2581 Viewer

A viewer application for IPC-2581 repositories.

Looking For More?

Want more great free design tools and design advice? Take a look at the Best PCB Design Tools page on Altium Resources.

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Working With Your PCB Design Services Firm

Professional design firms understand how to navigate the complexities of electronics design and manufacturing. At NWES, we can help get your design across the finish line with less risk than the competition.
  • Contact us for a consultation and quote.

  • Send us all available documentation on your design, including schematics and engineering BOMs. If you haven't created your schematics or they need updating, let us know and we'll work with you to make them perfect.

  • We'll send you completed flat or hierarchical schematics, PCB layout, any required embedded software, fabricator documentation, Gerbers, assembly drawings, and manufacturing BOMs.

  • Throughout the design process, we'll collaborate with you on any required design changes and provide suggestions to improve your new product.

Why Work With NWES?

  • Broad expertise - We're a digitally-driven remote-first organization with diverse talent and experience. We know your technology because we've used it and built it.

  • Manufacturing partners - We work with local and overseas CMs and EMS providers that are ISO-9001, AS9100, ISO-13485, IPC-A-610, NADCAP, and/or ITAR/JCP certified. We help you find the best option to produce prototypes and scale to volume production.

  • Supply chain management - We take a proactive approach on projects to ensure your design can be produced at the required volume. We'll manage procurement from major distributors or brokers throughout your project.

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