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We're a PCB layout services company with extensive experience designing and creating layouts for high density boards. We've built custom computer peripherals, wearables, IoT devices, and much more. In addition to high density PCB design and layout services, we provide embedded systems development services for our clients.

We're passionate about advanced technology and we're dedicated to helping you take your new products to market quickly. Whether you're a small startup with a great idea or a large enterprise, we'll take your design from idea to full-scale manufacturing. We look forward to working with you!


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High Density PCB Design and Layout Expertise

We're experts at high density PCB design and layout. We provide the following services for HDI design and analysis:

  • Front-end design and schematic capture

  • HDI stackup design, HDI layout and routing, and stackup/routing optimization

  • Fanout design for fine-pitch BGAs

  • DFM compliance in via design, fanout, and routing

  • Assembly drawing, BOM, and panel preparation

  • Schematic and layout design in Altium Designer/Concord, OrCAD/Allegro, and Eagle

Atlium Designer




DFM Expertise for HDI PCB Layout

DFM requirements are extremely important for taking any high density PCB design through the manufacturing process with high yield. We've worked with small startups and large enterprises to take new products all the way to full-scale manufacturing. We've helped bring advanced products to market in the following areas:

  • Custom HDI motherboards, single-board computers, and computer peripherals

  • IoT, wearables, and home automation

  • RF products (from microwave to mmWave) and embedded systems

  • Industrial control and automation

Learn more about our approach to DFM.

Why Work With NWES?

  • Broad talent base and technology experience

  • Price competitive

  • Embedded firmware, web platform, and desktop app development/integration experience

  • Partnerships with on-shore and overseas manufacturers

Learn more about managed PCB manufacturing for your design.

If you're designing new products or your design team is overwhelmed with layout tasks, we have the expertise to build your new product and help you get to market quickly. Northwest Engineering Solutions is the ideal high density PCB design services company to create your next product. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

Need a hand with a current or future PCB design project? Find out the difference our experts can make.

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