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PCB design optimization

PCB Design as an Optimization Problem

By ZM Peterson • Sep 9, 2020

Learn about interconnect design and optimization for standard PCB transmission line geometries and broadband signals.

signal integrity analysis in PCB design

Guide to Signal Integrity Analysis in PCB Design

By ZM Peterson • Aug 31, 2020

We’ve prepared the ultimate guide to getting started with signal integrity analysis in PCB design.

5G thermal management

Thermal Management Challenges in the 5G Era

By ZM Peterson • Jul 26, 2020

Read our survey of current thermal management challenges in 5G handsets and base stations.

Signal analysis in high speed signal integrity for PCBs

Your Guide to High Speed Signal Integrity in PCBs

By ZM Peterson • Jun 30, 2020

Read our guide if you want to learn about high speed signal integrity in your PCB layout.

PCB trace length mismatch in a high speed PCB

Guide to PCB Trace Length Matching in High Speed Design

By ZM Peterson • Apr 8, 2020

Here’s your guide to PCB trace length matching in high speed design.

electronic parts sourcing guide

Guide to Electronic Parts Sourcing in 2020 and Beyond

By ZM Peterson • Mar 16, 2020

When you’re planning your next design, electronic parts sourcing practices are critical for ensuring manufacturability. Here’s how to source parts in 2020 and beyond.

the best high speed board design guidelines

The Best High Speed Board Design Guidelines

By ZM Peterson • Feb 17, 2020

We've compiled the best high speed board design guidelines for advanced digital circuit boards and mixed-signal systems.

random lasers SUM 2019

Unstable Emission from Random Lasers

By ZM Peterson • Jul 8, 2019

Originally presented at: IEEE Photonics Society 2019 Summer Topical Series (SUM).

random lasers Tektronix 2017

Zinc Oxide Random Lasers: Controlling the Emission Properties

By ZM Peterson • Oct 25, 2017

Originally presented at: Tektronix Metrology Group.

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