Data Security Policy Statement


The risk of data theft, security breaches, and unintended exposure of intellectual property can have a detrimental impact on a company's systems, technology infrastructure, and reputation. Northwest Engineering Solutions LLC (NWES) has created a data security policy to outline security measures required to ensure information remains secure and protected, and to ensure operations are compliant with relevant regulations. The purpose of this policy is to (a) protect NWES data and infrastructure, (b) protect customer data from breach or exposure to unauthorized parties, (c) provide guidelines that govern cyber security measures, (d) define rules for company and personal use, and (e) list the company's disciplinary process for policy violations.

NWES data security policy defines rules, procedures, and processes that must be followed by employees, contractors, and remote workers to ensure customer and company confidential data remains protected. This policy also provides procedures regarding reporting of security breaches should they occur to customers and regulatory authorities. Such data protection measures include rules and processes regarding the handling of confidential data, whether on personal devices, company devices, personal or company email, chat and messaging programs used in the course of providing services to customers, or any cloud platform used to manage company and customer data. Violation of the policy can lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, with disciplinary protocols being based on the severity of the violation.

With this data security policy, NWES aims to keep its operations compliant with relevant federal regulations, privacy regulations such as GDPR, export control regulations, and any other regulation which may apply to the receipt, transmission, handling, storage, retention, and deletion of confidential data. Regarding technical data for export-controlled products, more information regarding customer responsibilities can be found in our ITAR & EAR Compliance Statement.


According to NWES data security policy, the definition of "confidential data" includes but is not limited to:

  • Unreleased and classified financial information.
  • Customer and supplier information.
  • Patents, business processes, and/or new technologies.
  • Employee passwords and personal information.
  • Company contracts and legal records.

For any questions or comments regarding our compliance efforts, please contact us at or through the web form on our contact page. You may also use these methods to request compliance documentation from our manufacturing partners.

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