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Northwest Engineering Solutions has provided electronics design services to tech startups, growing enterprises, and defense companies since 2017. Our multi-disciplinary team is here to take the lead at all stages of embedded systems design for your next project. Whether you need custom hardware, firmware and board bringup, or integration with a larger application, let our embedded systems design expertise and deep technical experience help you bring your next product to life.

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Our Capabilities

Advanced IoT Design and Embedded Development

We have experience developing simple, compact embedded devices and complex multi-board, multi-interface embedded platforms. We provide leadership on all aspects of embedded projects from concept to production and manufacturing.

  • Embedded firmware and software development - Our experience spans multiple hardware platforms, languages, and form factors.
  • Custom circuit board design - We'll develop fully custom PCBs for your system. Learn more about PCB design services from NWES.
  • Platform integration - Your new embedded system can integarate with your existing hardware and software stack.
  • Manufacturing preparation - We provide complete design, development, and manufacturing guidance as part of a turnkey solution.

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Application Areas

We've built systems for a range of applications, including rugged systems deployed in harsh environments.

  • Aerospace and defense electronics - We've developed hardware for ordnance guidance systems, wearables, drones, and IoT platforms.
  • Industrial automation and monitoring - Our expertise includes rugged SBCs, rackmount systems, and contoller boards.
  • Power management - Deployed in drones, aircraft, and submersibles.
  • Embedded AI - Our AI-capable embedded products can perform high-compute inference and low-compute training at the edge.
  • IoT platform development - From wearables to networked sensor platforms, we'll build your connected ecosystem. We design the hardware, build your web platform, and integrate everything.

Embedded systems PCB design services

Customizable IoT Platforms and Embedded Products

Need a turnkey solution or want to customize an off-the-shelf product? Our line of embedded products come in standardized form factors, yet they can also be customized to fit your application. Choose one of our off-the-shelf solutions or adapt it to fit your application. Our existing solutions can provide a starting point for your custom system or a readily available solution that can be deployed at scale.

  • Designed to IPC Class 3 for maximum reliability
  • Deployed in aerospace and defense systems
  • Available in standard form factors
  • Firmware and board bringup support

Rapid Prototyping With Embedded Firmware

Popular MCU boards, SBCs, and COMs are great tools for developing firmware during prototyping or for building production-grade hardware. If you want to deploy a solution based on COMs, we'll integrate your modules into a custom board, or we can design a totally custom product around an existing embedded hardware platform.

  • Popular embedded platforms - Toradex, Raspberry Pi SBCs/COMs, TI MCUs, Nordic, STM32, Espressif, and other popular platforms
  • Firmware/software development - We work in C/C++, MicroPython, LabView, and embedded Linux kernels
  • Embedded AI development - Prototyping and development with AI-enabled ASICs and processors
  • Transition to production - We'll build out custom hardware for your system and take your design into manufacturing

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Embedded systems PCB design services

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