Electronics Design Capabilities

High-Speed PCB Design

We design and manufacture high-speed digital systems targeting applications in mil-aero, embedded computing, data center, sensor fusion, and much more. We focus on aggressive form factors that push the limits of high-speed PCB design.

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RF PCB Design

Our RF PCB design expertise spans from sub-GHz radios for IoT products to mmWave PCBs for high-performance wireless products. Application areas include advanced adaptive radars, MIMO systems in ADAS and 5G, RF power systems, unique interconnects, and small form factor mmWave sensor suites.

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HDI PCB Design and Manufacturing

Fusion of high I/O count digital systems on high layer counts and aggresive form factors. We design and manufacture dense boards on up to 32-layer PCBs with multiple high-speed interfaces. We can assist with manufacturing these challenging boards for advanced application areas.

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Our advanced digital designs built on FPGAs are pushing the limits of cutting-edge systems in the air, at the edge, and in the cloud. We create the physical design that enables your most advanced embedded applications.

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Mixed-Signal PCB Design

We fuse the digital world with analog capabilities at multiple frequencies. We know how to mix high bandwidth digital processing with precision analog measurements and systems operating at low to moderate frequencies.

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IoT & Embedded Systems Design

Our embedded computing products and IoT platforms are supporting defense and aerospace systems, industrial automation, and embedded AI applications. Our solutions are designed to integrate with your existing workflow and technology stack.

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Military-Grade PCB Design

PCB design and production for ITAR-controlled products in mil-aero systems and embedded equipment for warfighters. Our custom systems are deployed in the field supporting guided munitions, aggressive power systems, signal acquisition and processing, navigation, test and measurement systems, and smart asset tracking.

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