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split gnd

Applications That Need Split Grounds in PCB Design

By ZM Peterson • Jul 10, 2024

We always say to use solid ground planes in a PCB, but there are specific instances where split grounds are necessary.

signal integrity

RF Meets HDI PCB Design in mmWave Sensors

By ZM Peterson • Jun 25, 2024

Some RF systems can benefit from HDI PCB design techniques due to control over resonances, small form factor, and extension of the TEM bandwidth.

signal integrity

Two Schools of Signal Integrity With Donald Telian: OnTrack Bites

By ZM Peterson • Jun 20, 2024

Donald Telian and Zachariah Peterson discuss the fundamental differences between old school and new school signal integrity.


How Interposers Are Used in IC Substrates

By A Mughees • Jun 19, 2024

Interposers are part of IC substrate design and manufacturing, enabling advanced packaging with 2.5D and 3D heterogeneous integration.

HDI PCB sequential lamination

Sequential Lamination and Plating in HDI PCB Manufacturing

By ZM Peterson • Jun 18, 2024

See how sequential lamination and plating processes in HDI PCB manufacturing impact HDI PCB designs with high layer counts and reliable interconnects.

PCB assembly attrition

What is Acceptable Attrition in PCB Assembly?

By ZM Peterson • Jun 14, 2024

Learn how to manage component overage in PCB assembly, including handling attrition, reasonable loss levels, and factors affecting overage requirements.

grounded coplanar waveguide tem bandwidth

TEM Mode Bandwidth Cutoff in Grounded Coplanar Waveguides

By ZM Peterson • May 30, 2024

Currently, standard transmission line geometries operate as quasi-TEM waveguides. At some point, this may no longer be the case.

flex pcb impedance

Flex PCB Controlled Impedance With Lukas Henkel: OnTrack Bites

By ZM Peterson • May 26, 2024

Lukas Henkel and Zachariah Peterson discuss the difficulties in determining trace impedance on high-speed flex PCB interconnects.

transmission line low pass filter

The Impact of Copper Roughness on Signal Integrity in PCBs

By ZM Peterson • May 22, 2024

Discover how copper roughness affects signal integrity in PCBs, influencing factors like skin effect losses and dielectric constant.

transmission line low pass filter

How Your Transmission Line Functions as a Low-Pass Filter

By ZM Peterson • May 14, 2024

Transmission lines in a PCB exhibit low-pass filter behavior due to transmission line losses and load capacitance.

pcb prototyping process

What to Expect in the PCB Prototyping Process

By A Mughees • May 7, 2024

Learn about the PCB prototyping process and how a PCB design services company can guide you to success.

transmission line low pass filter

Ferrite Beads in a PCB PDN with Heidi Barnes: OnTrack Bites

By ZM Peterson • May 4, 2024

Heidi Barnes and Zachariah Peterson discuss the inappropriate usage of ferrite beads in a PDN in high-speed PCB design.

no clean flux

Guide to No-Clean Flux in PCB Assembly

By A Mughees • Apr 26, 2024

Learn about no-clean fluxes and the possible reliability problems they pose in PCB assembly and soldering processes.

stitching vias

Do High-Speed PCB Transmission Lines Need Stitching Vias?

By ZM Peterson • Apr 22, 2024

Digital transmission lines in a high-speed PCB do not require stitching vias, but they do have important uses.

stitching vias

UHDI PCB Assembly and SMD Tombstoning: OnTrack Bites

By ZM Peterson • Apr 3, 2024

Chrys Shea and Zachariah Peterson discuss SMD tombstoning and evaluation in UHDI PCB assembly.

4-layer PCB stackup

List of 4-Layer PCB Stackups and Their Applications

By ZM Peterson • Mar 24, 2024

We match common 4-layer PCB stackups with application areas and product types.

Pogo pins

Off-the-Shelf Connectors or Pogo Pins? What's Best For Your Design

By A Mughees • Feb 3, 2024

Sometimes, it pays to use pogo pins instead of a ruggedized connector.

PCB manufacturing

Three Paths to PCB Manufacturing: CM, Turnkey, and Self-Managed

By A Mughees • Jan 25, 2024

Learn about contract manufacturers, turnkey services, and self-managed production in low volume PCB manufacturing.

Pogo pins

PCB Cost Reduction in Volume Manufacturing: OnTrack Bites

By ZM Peterson • Jan 17, 2024

Greg Papandrew and Zachariah Peterson discuss PCB cost reduction opportunities in volume PCB manufacturing and assembly.

electronics supply chain

Are Uplink Ports Still Needed in PCBs for Ethernet Switches?

By ZM Peterson • Dec 6, 2023

Ethernet switch PCBs often include an uplink port. Here's why it may still be useful in your design.

electronics supply chain

ITAR/EAR Compliance in PCB Supply Chain Management

By ZM Peterson • Nov 20, 2023

ITAR/EAR compliance is an important aspect of logistics for electronic components used in defense and aerospace electronics.

electronics supply chain

Implementing Physical Layer Security in Military Embedded Systems

By ZM Peterson • Nov 1, 2023

Explore best practices in PCB design and enclosure strategies for enhancing physical layer security in military embedded systems.

electronics supply chain

Navigating the Electronics Supply Chain in a Post-Pandemic World

By ZM Peterson • Jul 15, 2023

Unpacking the electronics industry's lessons from COVID-19: supply chain shifts, tech innovations, and the push for sustainability.

pcb manufacturing mexico

Why Electronics Manufacturing is Moving to Mexico

By ZM Peterson • Jun 4, 2023

Explore the reasons behind the shift of electronics manufacturing from China to Mexico and its implications for the electronics supply chain.



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