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transmission line low pass filter

How Your Transmission Line Functions as a Low-Pass Filter

By ZM Peterson • May 14, 2024

Transmission lines in a PCB exhibit low-pass filter behavior due to transmission line losses and load capacitance.

no clean flux

Guide to No-Clean Flux in PCB Assembly

By A Mughees • Apr 26, 2024

Learn about no-clean fluxes and the possible reliability problems they pose in PCB assembly and soldering processes.

stitching vias

Do High-Speed PCB Transmission Lines Need Stitching Vias?

By ZM Peterson • Apr 22, 2024

Digital transmission lines in a high-speed PCB do not require stitching vias, but they do have important uses.

4-layer PCB stackup

List of 4-Layer PCB Stackups and Their Applications

By ZM Peterson • Mar 24, 2024

We match common 4-layer PCB stackups with application areas and product types.

Pogo pins

Off-the-Shelf Connectors or Pogo Pins? What's Best For Your Design

By A Mughees • Feb 3, 2024

Sometimes, it pays to use pogo pins instead of a ruggedized connector.

electronics supply chain

Are Uplink Ports Still Needed in PCBs for Ethernet Switches?

By ZM Peterson • Dec 6, 2023

Ethernet switch PCBs often include an uplink port. Here's why it may still be useful in your design.

electronics supply chain

ITAR/EAR Compliance in PCB Supply Chain Management

By ZM Peterson • Nov 20, 2023

ITAR/EAR compliance is an important aspect of logistics for electronic components used in defense and aerospace electronics.

electronics supply chain

Implementing Physical Layer Security in Military Embedded Systems

By ZM Peterson • Nov 1, 2023

Explore best practices in PCB design and enclosure strategies for enhancing physical layer security in military embedded systems.

electronics supply chain

Navigating the Electronics Supply Chain in a Post-Pandemic World

By ZM Peterson • Jul 15, 2023

Unpacking the electronics industry's lessons from COVID-19: supply chain shifts, tech innovations, and the push for sustainability.

pcb manufacturing mexico

Why Electronics Manufacturing is Moving to Mexico

By ZM Peterson • Jun 4, 2023

Explore the reasons behind the shift of electronics manufacturing from China to Mexico and its implications for the electronics supply chain.

pcb magnetic components

Magnetics Component Selection and Their Noise Properties

By ZM Peterson • Jan 29, 2023

We’ll look at practical methods to reduce noise coupling in power electronics through smart magnetics component selection.

pcb design files

Dynamic Scheduling in PCB Manufacturing

By ZM Peterson • Jan 10, 2023

Competitive PCB manufacturers should use dynamic scheduling to provide multiple production offerings to their customers.

pcb design files

PCB Design File Formats Overview

By A Mughees • Nov 26, 2022

View our tutorial on PCB design file formats and how they are used in fab/assembly.

cover image

Flexible Printed Electronics Create New Design Opportunities

By A Mughees • Nov 15, 2022

Flexible printed electronics can leverage unique materials and processes to fabricate unique devices.

cover image

Which Designs Need Rogers PCB Materials?

By ZM Peterson • Oct 22, 2022

Learn about Rogers PCBs and whether you need these materials in your layer stack.

cover image

PCB Design for FPGA SoMs and Carrier Boards

By ZM Peterson • Sep 16, 2022

Learn about the design challenges and processes in PCB design for an FPGA SoM and its carrier board.

cover image

Overview of RISC-V in Embedded Systems Development

By ZM Peterson • Jul 28, 2022

Learn about the uses of RISC-V based embedded systems and how the ISA is used in development.

cover image

PCB Surface Plating Materials and Their Advantages

By A Mughees • Jul 21, 2022

We explore PCB surface plating options that can be used within standard PCB fabrication processes.

cover image

Differential Crosstalk in High-Speed PCB Design

By ZM Peterson • Jul 15, 2022

Differential crosstalk can occur in high-speed PCBs, creating noise coupling between interconnects.

cover image

Why You Should Use an FPGA in Embedded Systems Design

By ZM Peterson • Jun 20, 2022

FPGAs in embedded systems have many advantages not seen with standard processor architectures.

cover image

Important Simulations and Testing for PCB Reliability

By ZM Peterson • Jun 15, 2022

Learn about the important tests and simulations you can perform to assess PCB reliability.

cover image

6-Layer PCB Design and Applications

By ZM Peterson • Apr 24, 2022

6-layer PCBs are a starting point for more advanced devices and systems.

cover image

PCB Design Guidelines for High-Rel Power Electronics

By ZM Peterson • Apr 20, 2022

These PCB design guidelines for power electronics help ensure high reliability.

cover image

How To Run a PCB Impedance Calculation Without a Field Solver

By ZM Peterson • Apr 2, 2022

This is how you perform PCB impedance calculations without 3D full-wave field solvers.



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