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Guide to Sizing and Using Microvias in HDI PCB Design

By ZM Peterson • Dec 27, 2021

Read our guide to sizing and use microvias in at low aspect ratio in HDI PCB design, layout, and routing.

PCB grounding

Guide to PCB Grounding to Ensure Low Noise and EMC

By ZM Peterson • Nov 22, 2021

PCB grounding is a fundamental system-level design consideration that will affect all aspects of noise and EMC in your PCB layout.

Star point grounding

Should You Use Star Point Grounding in a PCB?

By ZM Peterson • Sep 27, 2021

You should only design your PCB with star point grounding in specialized applications.

Turnkey PCB manufacturing

What is Turnkey PCB Manufacturing and Assembly?

By ZM Peterson • Sep 13, 2021

Learn more about turnkey PCB manufacturing services and turnkey PCB assembly services for your next electronics prototype or full-scale manufacturing run.

Characteristic impedance

Understanding Characteristic Impedance in Your Circuits and PCBs

By ZM Peterson • Aug 24, 2021

In this article, we’ll look at characteristic impedance and why real circuits do not operate at their characteristic impedance.

Boost converter waveform rf power supply

Buck and Boost Converter Waveforms in an RF Power Supply

By ZM Peterson • Aug 17, 2021

An RF power supply can run with buck or boost converter waveforms to deliver power to an amplifier and transmitter.

Electronic components sourcing

Navigating Component Shortages in Today’s Volatile Supply Chain Environment

By NWES • Jul 25, 2021

A case study in navigating component shortages and our process for ensuring your design can be produced without delays.

Multiphase buck converter

Using a Multiphase Buck Converter in 5G RF Power Supplies

By ZM Peterson • July 24, 2021

A multiphase buck converter topology can provide high-efficiency power delivery in an RF power supply.

EMC design

Top EMC Design Myths to Avoid in Your PCB Layout

By ZM Peterson • July 17, 2021

Many EMC design guidelines are based on outdated myths. Here’s how professional EMC engineers approach EMC design.

Ferrite bead

Are Ferrite Beads Needed in Today's Electronics?

By ZM Peterson • June 27, 2021

Ferrite beads are sometimes seen as a cure-all for EMI problems. We’ll look at how ferrite beads work and where they should be used.

PDN impedance and ground bounce

PDN Impedance, Ground Bounce, and Jitter: Where SI and PI Meet

By ZM Peterson • June 22, 2021

PDN impedance, jitter, and ground bounce converge on each other in high speed PCB design and layout.

BGA routing

BGA Routing Guide in Your PCB Layout and Stackup

By ZM Peterson • June 11, 2021

Learn more about BGA routing for moderate density and high density PCB designs.

PCB layout time estimation

What Goes Into a PCB Layout Time Estimation?

By ZM Peterson • May 15, 2021

Learn more about the factors affecting PCB layout time estimation and what you can expect when you engage with a design firm.

Power supply ground

Defining Power Supply Ground: System, Chassis, and Earth in Your PCB

By ZM Peterson • May 7, 2021

A power supply ground region needs to be clearly defined, both on and off your PCB.


Should You Split Ground Planes in Mixed-Signal PCB Design?

By ZM Peterson • May 2, 2021

Mixed signal PCB design can be complex, but one guideline is simple: never use split ground planes.


FMCW MIMO Radar Design for Aerospace, Autos, and Robotics

By ZM Peterson • Apr 23, 2021

FMCW MIMO radar provides high angular resolution for applications like robotics, aerospace and defense electronics, and automotive.

Electronic component shortage

How to Navigate an Electronic Component Shortage

By ZM Peterson • Apr 15, 2021

The electronic component shortage of 2020 and 2021 rages on. Here’s how we can help you navigate it.

Microstrip vs stripline

Microstrip vs. Stripline, Surface vs. Internal: Which is Better?

By ZM Peterson • Mar 31, 2021

Learn more about the difference between microstrip vs. stripline in your PCB and when it’s best to use each.


Using an MCU vs. MPU in Embedded Systems Design

By ZM Peterson • Mar 27, 2021

Here’s when to use an MCU vs. MPU for embedded systems design and development.

IoT platform development

What Goes into IoT Platform Development?

By ZM Peterson • Mar 9, 2021

IoT platform development falls into three areas: hardware design, software design, and firmware development.

low power embedded systems

Low Power Embedded Systems Design and Power Management

By ZM Peterson • Feb 16, 2021

Learn more about designing low power embedded systems and how your design firm can help.


PAM-4 Layout and Routing Challenges for PCB Designers

By ZM Peterson • Feb 5, 2021

Learn all about designing with PAM-4 signals and components in your high speed PCB layout and embedded systems.

PCB thermal analysis

Using Thermal Analysis of PCBs to Design Rugged Electronics

By ZM Peterson • Jan 28, 2021

Learn more about thermal analysis in PCB design for rugged electronics and embedded systems like military IoT products and backplanes.

Raspberry Pi microcontroller

How to Add the Raspberry Pi Microcontroller to Your PCB

By ZM Peterson • Jan 22, 2021

The Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board is a simple option for building embedded applications. Here’s how you can add one to your PCB.

Amplfiier stability

Amplifier Stability: The Complete Design and Analysis Guide

By ZM Peterson • Jan 14, 2021

Read our comprehensive guide to learn about amplifier stability for power amplifiers, RF front ends, and general-purpose amplifiers.

Transmission line input impedance

Understanding Transmission Line Input Impedance and S11

By ZM Peterson • Jan 6, 2021

Learn how to calculate transmission line input impedance and how it relates back to S11, reflection coefficients, and return loss.

internet of military things

The Internet of Military Things for Aerospace and Defense

By ZM Peterson • Dec 29, 2020

The internet of military things focuses on building extensible systems for aerospace and defense electronics applications.

high speed backplane design

The Fundamentals of High Speed Backplane Design

By ZM Peterson • Dec 23, 2020

Read our guide to learn more about high speed backplane design for aerospace and defense electronics.

via inductance

How Via Inductance Affects Signal Integrity at High Frequencies

By ZM Peterson • Dec 16, 2020

Read our guide on via inductance to learn more about its effect on signal integrity, particularly at high speed and high frequencies.

Aerospace and defense electronics

Helping Aerospace and Defense Electronics Clients Expedite PCB Design and Production

By NWES • Dec 9, 2020

A case study in expedited aerospace and defense electronics design and manufacturing by NWES.

PCB layout review checklist

Your PCB Layout Review Checklist Before Manufacturing

By ZM Peterson • Nov 18, 2020

Before you send your PCB out for manufacturing, run through a PCB layout review checklist to ensure manufacturability and conformance to design requirements.

ITAR PCB manufacturing

When Does Your Product Need ITAR PCB Manufacturing and Design Services?

By ZM Peterson • Nov 11, 2020

We’ve compiled essential information needed to understand ITAR PCB manufacturing for aerospace and defense electronics.

Aerospace and defense electronics

What Makes Aerospace and Defense Electronics Different from Regular PCBs?

By ZM Peterson • Nov 3, 2020

Found out how aerospace and defense electronics are different from other areas of PCB design and manufacturing.

What Bandwidth is Needed for an Arbitrary Digital Signal?

What Bandwidth is Needed for an Arbitrary Digital Signal?

By ZM Peterson • Oct 28, 2020

The digital signal bandwidth you need depends on the data rate in your bitstream and the number of discrete signal levels.

Coplanar waveguide design for Wifi

Coplanar Waveguide Design for Your RF PCB

By ZM Peterson • Oct 22, 2020

Here's why you should use coplanar waveguide design in your RF PCB layout.

FR4 thermal properties and heat on a PCB

FR4 Thermal Properties to Consider During Design

By ZM Peterson • Oct 13, 2020

Here are the important FR4 thermal properties to keep in mind when selecting PCB substrate materials.

DC DC converter inductor selection for a PCB

DC-DC Converter Inductor Selection Guidelines for High Power Systems

By ZM Peterson • Oct 7, 2020

Here’s how to select a DC-DC converter inductor for your power electronics.

Complex RF PCB layout for mmWave frequencies

RF PCB Layout and Routing Tips for mmWave Products

By ZM Peterson • Sep 30, 2020

RF PCB layout appears in all-analog and mixed-signal systems, but mmWave products require meticulous layout and routing choices.

RF PCB layout with waveguide cavity structures and transmission lines

Waveguide Cavity Design in Your RF PCB Layout

By ZM Peterson • Sep 22, 2020

It’s easy to design a waveguide cavity for your next RF PCB.

Gerber file and PCB manufacturing documentation files

What's in Your PCB Manufacturing Files?

By ZM Peterson • Sep 16, 2020

Your PCB manufacturing files contain all the information your fabricator and assembler need to create your board.

PCB footprint checklist

What to Keep in Your PCB Footprint Checklist

By ZM Peterson • Sep 10, 2020

Before you start your PCB layout, look through the items in our PCB footprint checklist to help you stay on track.

signal integrity analysis in PCB design

Guide to Signal Integrity Analysis in PCB Design

By ZM Peterson • Aug 31, 2020

We’ve prepared the ultimate guide to getting started with signal integrity analysis in PCB design.

Parasitic extraction for PDN modeling

PDN Impedance Analysis with Parasitic Extraction (Q & A)

By ZM Peterson • Aug 25, 2020

Parasitic extraction is an important part of PDN impedance analysis, and there are three basic methods that can be used.

Metal core PCB design

The Basics of Metal-Core PCB Design and Manufacturing

By ZM Peterson • Aug 19, 2020

If you need high heat dissipation and reliability, consider using metal-core PCB design.

Dielectric losses in microstrip lines

How Low are Dielectric Losses in Microstrip Lines?

By ZM Peterson • Aug 13, 2020

We've compiled everything you need to know about condutor losses and dielectric losses in microstrip lines.

Z-parameters matrix

When to Use Z-Parameters for Signal and Power Integrity

By ZM Peterson • Aug 7, 2020

Z-parameters are extremely important for relating the voltage and current in multiport networks, including the PDN in your PCB.

Types of beamforming

Types of Beamforming and Their Uses in RF PCBs

By ZM Peterson • Aug 1, 2020

More modern RF systems will use various types of beamforming to control transmission. Here’s how beamforming works in RF PCBs.

5G thermal management

Thermal Management Challenges in the 5G Era

By ZM Peterson • Jul 26, 2020

Read our survey of current thermal management challenges in 5G handsets and base stations.

RF front end design schematic

RF Front End Design: Specifications and Component Selection

By ZM Peterson • Jul 19, 2020

Pay attention to these important component specifications in your RF front end design.

Quantum computing hardware vacuum column

Quantum Computing Hardware Development Challenges in 2020

By ZM Peterson • Jul 13, 2020

There are many challenges involved in quantum computing hardware, and not all of them relate to scaling qubits.

Transmission line S-parameters

Transmission Line S-parameters: A Summary and Causality

By ZM Peterson • Jul 7, 2020

Read our short guide for a summary on transmission line S-parameters and how they are used in causal signal modeling.

Signal analysis in high speed signal integrity for PCBs

Your Guide to High Speed Signal Integrity in PCBs

By ZM Peterson • Jun 30, 2020

Read our guide if you want to learn about high speed signal integrity in your PCB layout.

BGA escape routing in an HDI PCB

BGA Escape Routing with Impedance Control in HDI PCBs

By ZM Peterson • Jun 25, 2020

Here’s how to ensure impedance control during BGA escape routing in your HDI PCB.

HDI PCB stackup for high speed designs

How to Design Your HDI PCB Stackup

By ZM Peterson • Jun 20, 2020

When signal integrity and routing density are critical, pay attention to these HDI PCB stackup design guidelines.

EMC standards for automotive

Complying with EMC Standards for Automotive Electronics

By ZM Peterson • Jun 15, 2020

Here are the important EMC standards for automotive electronic products you need to know.

digital signal bandwidth in PCB design

How Your Digital Signal Bandwidth Affects Your PCB

By ZM Peterson • Jun 10, 2020

Your board may not operate as designed due to your digital signal bandwidth.

lidar vs radar autonomous driving

Lidar vs. Radar in Autonomous Driving: Which Sensor is Best?

By ZM Peterson • Jun 6, 2020

The debate between lidar and radar in autonomous driving and ADAS systems rages on.

Content marketing strategy for tech companies

Why Tech Companies Need a Content Marketing Strategy

By ZM Peterson • Jun 1, 2020

A content marketing strategy for advanced technology products helps your company stay competitive.

Fiber weave effect is due to the fiberglass resin composite substrate

What is the Fiber Weave Effect in a PCB Substrate?

By ZM Peterson • May 27, 2020

The fiber weave effect is known to cause skew, but it causes other signal integrity problems as well.

Power integrity in pcb design

DC Analysis and Power Integrity in PCB Design

By ZM Peterson • May 23, 2020

Here’s why DC analysis is a critical part of power integrity in PCB design.

Types of crosstalk in a PCB

Types of Crosstalk and Coupling in High Speed/High Frequency PCBs

By ZM Peterson • May 18, 2020

Here are the different types of crosstalk you’ll find in your high speed and high frequency PCBs.

Pcb layer stackup design high speed board design

PCB Layer Stackup Design for Planes and Signal Layers

By ZM Peterson • May 14, 2020

Your PCB layer stackup design is critical for signal and power integrity in your new board.

Impedance matching in a PCB

Impedance Matching for High Speed Signals in PCB Design

By ZM Peterson • May 8, 2020

We've compiled the important guidelines you need for impedance matching in your high speed circuits.

Small switching power supply design

Switching Power Supply Design for High Voltage and Current

By ZM Peterson • May 4, 2020

Here are some important things to consider during switching power supply design.

What is input impedance

What is Input Impedance?

By ZM Peterson • Apr 30, 2020

The input impedance of your circuits determines signal behavior and power transfer into an electrical circuit. Read more to learn what is input impedance.

What is an autorouter

Should You Use an Autorouter for PCB Design?

By ZM Peterson • Apr 23, 2020

When to use an autorouter is an age-old debate among PCB designers.

Results from a signal integrity simulation

The Basic Signal Integrity Simulation Tasks You Should Perform

By ZM Peterson • Apr 21, 2020

There are some basic signal integrity simulation tasks you should use to examine your board’s functionality. Here’s what to watch for in your PCB layout.

DC-DC converter topologies in PCBs

DC-DC Converter Topologies: Which is Best for Your System?

By ZM Peterson • Apr 16, 2020

Here are the standard DC-DC converter topologies you can use in power systems and IC designs.

PCB trace length mismatch in a high speed PCB

Guide to PCB Trace Length Matching in High Speed Design

By ZM Peterson • Apr 8, 2020

Here’s your guide to PCB trace length matching in high speed design.

What is an LDO regulator IC

What is an LDO and Will You Need One in Your Design?

By ZM Peterson • Apr 5, 2020

What is an LDO? The answer may surprise you. Here’s when you need to use an LDO in your next PCB.

Embedded AI custom artificial intelligence SoC

The Future of Embedded AI and Custom SoCs

By ZM Peterson • Mar 31, 2020

Embedded AI is going fully to the edge with models defined at the hardware level using firmware. Here’s what to expect from the custom SoC market.

Content marketing for tech companies and SEO

Low-Dk PCB Material Advantages and Disadvantages

By ZM Peterson • Mar 27, 2020

Low-Dk PCB material substrates have some advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know when selecting a PCB substrate material.

Content marketing for tech companies and SEO

Unifying SEO and Content Marketing for Tech Companies

By ZM Peterson • Mar 20, 2020

Content marketing for tech companies requires an integrated SEO and engagement strategy. Here’s how to develop a holistic digital marketing strategy.

electronic parts sourcing guide

Guide to Electronic Parts Sourcing in 2020 and Beyond

By ZM Peterson • Mar 16, 2020

When you’re planning your next design, electronic parts sourcing practices are critical for ensuring manufacturability. Here’s how to source parts in 2020 and beyond.

PCB layout outsourcing risks and benefits

The Benefits and Risks of PCB Layout Outsourcing

By ZM Peterson • Mar 12, 2020

Here's how to weigh the risks and benefits of PCB layout outsourcing. If you keep these points in mind, you'll make the best choice when outsourcing design work.

Yocto vs Debian for a smart IoT device

Yocto vs. Debian for Embedded Systems Design and IoT

By ZM Peterson • Mar 8, 2020

Yocto vs. Debian: which is the best OS for your next embedded system? The right design form can help you build your next embedded system.

XTAL oscillator circuit for a high speed PCB

XTAL Oscillator Circuit Design and Layout Tips

By ZM Peterson • Mar 4, 2020

Your XTAL oscillator circuit will keep your signals carefully timed and in sync. Here’s how to layout XTAL clocks for your next board.

HDI layout tips for PCB design

HDI Layout Guidelines for Your Next PCB

By ZM Peterson • Feb 28, 2020

HDI layout and routing can be complicated, but the right design team can lead you to success.

Transmission line dispersion in a real PCB

Transmission Line Dispersion and Losses in Your High Speed PCB

By ZM Peterson • Feb 24, 2020

Here’s what you need to know about transmission line dispersion and managing losses in your next PCB.

the best high speed board design guidelines

The Best High Speed Board Design Guidelines

By ZM Peterson • Feb 17, 2020

We've compiled the best high speed board design guidelines for advanced digital circuit boards and mixed-signal systems.

GaN vs.GaAs semiconductor devices for power conversion and RF

GaN vs. GaAs for RF Amplifiers and Power Conversion

By ZM Peterson • Feb 13, 2020

GaN vs. GaAs: which type of amplifier is right for your application? Here’s what you need to know about these semiconductors.

Software and what is embedded firmware development

What is Embedded Firmware Development?

By ZM Peterson • Feb 8, 2020

If you’re a software developer and you want to work with hardware, you’ll need to know what is embedded firmware development.

PCB return current path simulation results

How to Design Your PCB Return Current Path

By ZM Peterson • Feb 5, 2020

Here’s how to design and control a PCB return current path for high speed/high frequency boards and devices.

Haptic feedback design in electronics

Designing Haptic Feedback into Your Electronics

By ZM Peterson • Feb 1, 2020

Your next electronic medical device or VR system will offer a more realistic experience if you include haptic feedback.

EMI Filter Circuit Design

EMI Filter Circuit Design for Your Next PCB

By ZM Peterson • Jan 29, 2020

Passive and active components can be used in EMI filter circuit design. Here’s how each type of EMI filter circuit works.

RF signal chain and load-pull analysis

Load Pull Analysis for RF Signal Chain Design

By ZM Peterson • Jan 24, 2020

Designing an RF signal chain? Here’s how load-pull analysis helps with power transfer and impedance matching.

phototransistor vs photodiode for optical systems design

Phototransistor vs. Photodiode: Which Detector is Best?

By ZM Peterson • Jan 21, 2020

Debating between a phototransistor vs. photodiode? Learn more about each type of detector in this article.

2020 Conference announcements Northwest Engineering Solutions

2020 Conference Announcements: Catch us at CLEO, SPIE, IEEE, PCB West, and AltiumLive

By ZM Peterson • Jan 17, 2020

Catch up with us at CLEO, IEEE, SPIE, PCB West, and AltiumLive in 2020.

Pass PCB design review with a PCB DFM checklist

A PCB DFM Checklist Helps You Pass a Design Review

By ZM Peterson • Jan 15, 2020

Here's how a PCB DFM checklist will help you pass a design review before manufacturing.

computer vision embedded systems

Computer Vision in Embedded Systems and AI Platforms

By ZM Peterson • Jan 12, 2020

Computer vision embedded systems design takes hardware and software expertise.

Effects of thermal noise in communication systems

Thermal Noise in Communication and Optical Systems

By ZM Peterson • Jan 9, 2020

Thermal noise in communication systems sets a lower limit on noise in your system.

Eliminate ground bounce with correct bypass capacitor placement

Remove Ground Bounce with Proper Bypass Capacitor Placement

By ZM Peterson • Jan 4, 2020

Here’s how bypass capacitor placement affects ground bounce and where you should place your bypass capacitors.

SEO and content marketing for tech companies

Benefits of SEO and Content Marketing for Tech Companies

By ZM Peterson • Jan 1, 2020

Tech companise need to bring SEO and content marketing together into a unified strategy.

When to use right-angle PCB traces

Right-angle PCB Traces: It’s Time to Kill the Myths

By ZM Peterson • Dec 27, 2019

It’s time to put the myths about right-angle PCB traces to rest. Here’s what every designer should know about right angle PCB traces.

PDN impedance analysis in a real PCB layout

Analog vs. Digital PDN Impedance: How to Design for Each Signal

By ZM Peterson • Dec 23, 2019

An analog PDN impedance is different from digital PDNs in many ways. Here’s what you need to know about each type of PDN.

PCB trace width optimization

Optimizing PCB Trace Width for Low Inductance and Current Requirements

By ZM Peterson • Dec 19, 2019

Here's how to optimize PCB trace width for impedance control.

Causal systems require accurate dispersion calculations

Modeling High Frequency PCBs as Causal Systems

By ZM Peterson • Dec 18, 2019

Any model for signal behavior should treat PCBs as causal systems.

How to choose the decoupling capacitor size for your PDN

Choosing a Decoupling Capacitor Size for Power Integrity

By ZM Peterson • Dec 10, 2019

Here's how to choose a decoupling capacitor size for the power delivery network in your PCB.

Future of photonics

The Future of Photonics, Electronics, and Additive Manufacturing

By ZM Peterson • Dec 10, 2019

The future of photonics will see convergence with electronics, additive manufacturing, and modularity.

Designing an RF PCB stackup

Designing Your RF PCB Stackup

By ZM Peterson • Dec 5, 2019

Here's how to design your RF PCB stackup to ensure power and signal integrity.

Functional architecture in SerDes design.

SerDes Design: Physical Channels and Signaling

By ZM Peterson • Dec 1, 2019

SerDes design brings multiple signal integrity problems to high speed designs.

Traces on a green PCB layout

Why Impedance Matching is Important in a Transmission Line

By ZM Peterson • Nov 28, 2019

Here's why impedance matching is important in a transmission line.

Modular electronics design example: Google Aria

Does Your Business Need a Thought Leadership Marketing Plan?

By ZM Peterson • Nov 26, 2019

A thought leadership marketing plan is designed to showcase your expertise.

Modular electronics design example: Google Aria

Modular Electronics Design for Embedded Systems

By ZM Peterson • Nov 22, 2019

Modular electronics design greatly simplifies embedded systems design, programming, and production.

Substrate integrated waveguide design

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Design for RF PCBs

By ZM Peterson • Nov 19, 2019

RF PCB designers can now take advantage of substrate integrated waveguide design for mmWave devices.

RF PCB layout simulation results

RF PCB Layout: mmWave Routing and Interconnect Losses

By ZM Peterson • Nov 15, 2019

RF PCB layout and routing is all about controlling interconnect impedance and losses.

Impedance control in PCB design for transmission lines

Transmission Line Ringing and Impedance Control in PCB Design

By ZM Peterson • Nov 13, 2019

Here's how you can reduce transmission line ringing with impedance control in PCB design.

Low power PCB design for a mobile/IoT device

Low Power PCB Design for IoT and Mobile Devices

By ZM Peterson • Nov 11, 2019

Low power PCB design is as much about power integrity as it is about power consumption.

Signal integrity and power integrity spectrum

The Link Between Signal Integrity and Power Integrity in Your PCB

By ZM Peterson • Nov 6, 2019

Signal integrity and power integrity are intimately related and cannot be considered individually.

Conducted and radiated EMI in your PCB design and layout

Conducted and Radiated EMI in Your PCB Layout

By ZM Peterson • Nov 1, 2019

Here's how conducted and radiated EMI originate in your board and some basic steps you can take to control EMI in your PCB layout.

Ripple voltage measurement in a PDN and how it affects power integrity

Causes of Ripple Voltage: Power Supply Noise and Transients in Your PDN

By ZM Peterson • Oct 29, 2019

There are four important causes of ripple voltage and other noise figures in your PDN.

ADC noise reduction techniques

ADC Noise Reduction in Your Analog PCB Signal Chain

By ZM Peterson • Oct 24, 2019

The performance of your ADC and ADC noise reduction depend heavily on your PCB layout and your sampling parameters.

IoT Market trends in 2019 and PCB design

IoT Market Trends in 2019: PCB Design and Manufacturing

By ZM Peterson • Oct 22, 2019

Here's how upcoming IoT market trends in 2019 will affect PCB design for new technology.

PDN design and impedance analysis

Overcoming 76-81 GHz Automotive Radar EMC Challenges

By ZM Peterson • Oct 14, 2019

Overcoming automotive radar EMC challenges requires a combination of hardware and software solutions.

PDN design with power rail and impedance analysis

PDN Design and Power Rail Ripple Suppression in Your PCB

By ZM Peterson • Oct 11, 2019

PDN design for advanced electronics can be difficult, especially at high speeds and high frequencies.

PCB Design Simulation Results

PCB Design, Simulation, and Analysis: Which Tools to Use

By ZM Peterson • Oct 7, 2019

Accurate system design is much easier when you use the right PCB design simulation tools in circuit analysis for high speed and high frequency devices.

Schematic vs layout for an FPGA board

Schematic vs. Layout: PCB Geometry, Parasitics, and Signal Integrity

By ZM Peterson • Oct 2, 2019

Here's the difference between a schematic and layout for a PCB. Your layout is a major determinant of signal integrity.

Supply chain management for PCBs in agile projects

PCB Supply Chain Management in Agile Projects

By ZM Peterson • Sep 23, 2019

Here's what you need to know about supply chain management for your next PCB during agile projects.

CCD array

Using CCD Sensors for Imaging and Spectral Measurements

By ZM Peterson • Sep 18, 2019

Here's what you need to know when choosing a CCD vs. CMOS sensor for imaging and spectral measurements.

Creating an Agile Hardware Design Process in PCB Development

Creating an Agile Hardware Design Process in PCB Development

By ZM Peterson • Sep 10, 2019

What can an agile hardware design workflow do for you? Here's how an agile hardware design workflow helps decrease development time and improve product quality.

What is a circuit schematic in PCB design?

What is a Circuit Schematic?

By ZM Peterson • Aug 26, 2019

Are you new to circuit design and PCB design? If you're just getting started with electronics design, here's what you need to know about your circuit schematic.

Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing: What's the Difference?

Thought Leadership vs. Content Marketing: What's the Difference?

By ZM Peterson • Aug 15, 2019

What's the difference between thought leadership vs. content marketing? You'll get a complete comparison here.

WPP Energy Scam

The NOAA National Fisheries Data Management System: A Real Blockchain Use Case

By ZM Peterson • Aug 5, 2019

NOAA comes up with a realistic blockchain use case.

Innovation in PCB design software

Radical Innovation in PCB Design Software in 2019 and Beyond

By ZM Peterson • Jul 12, 2019

With the rise of Industry 4.0, there is plently of room for innovation in PCB design software.

John Larry Kelly Jr

Kelly Criterion Explained

By ZM Peterson • Jun 16, 2019

What is the Kelly Criterion and why is it important? Learn more in this article.

Why Have Most ICO Founders Not Been Imprisoned for Fraud?

Why Have Most ICO Founders Not Been Imprisoned for Fraud?

By ZM Peterson • May 17, 2019

Whether ICO or IEO, expect more fraud in the near future due to lack of coherent regulation.

Analog signal resonance in PCB interconnects

Analog Signal Resonance in PCB Interconnects

By ZM Peterson • Mar 31, 2019

Analog signal resonance is a critical signal integrity issue that affects RF/wireless devices and mixed signal devices.

Technology research guidelines for international authors

Meet the Trainer: How to Improve Your Impact as an International Author

By ZM Peterson • Mar 12, 2019

Some important guidelines to help international authors improve their writing skills.


IT Forensics on Hacked Chinese Server

By A Pavic & ZM Peterson • Feb 24, 2019

Hacked Chinese server? Here's how to investigate.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan's New Stable Coin

By ZM Peterson • Feb 14, 2019

The surprising revelation from JP Morgan Chase is taking the crypto world by surprise.

Why We Need Modular Blockchains

Why We Need Modular Blockchains

By ZM Peterson • Feb 5, 2019

Blockchains can take a cue from extensible development.

Self-consistent Time-dependent Laser Theory

Self-consistent Time-dependent Laser Theory

By ZM Peterson • Jan 18, 2019

The latest advancs in the theory of lasing in any geometry.

Findings from the Founder

New Blog Series: Findings from the Founder

By ZM Peterson • Jan 12, 2019

A new series highlighting insights from the founder of NWES.

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