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2020 Conference Announcements: Catch us at CLEO, SPIE, IEEE, PCB West, and AltiumLive

By ZM Peterson • Jan 17, 2020

If you’re a busy scientist or engineer, then you’re likely planning your conference schedule, finishing papers and presentations, and booking your hotel reservations. I’m no different, and I’ll be at a number of conferences this year as a speaker and attendee. Here’s where we’ll be this year and some of the topics I plan to present.


CLEO 2020

With all the growth going on around here, I only had time to get to the IEEE summer topicals series in 2019. While Ft. Lauderdale is a ton of fun and has beautiful beaches, I’m excited to see the exhibition at CLEO. We also have a paper on random laser stability and transient behavior that is currently under review for an oral presentation. If you’re interested in this mathematically rich topic and many other topics in lasers and optics, then don’t miss CLEO this year (10-15 May 2020).



This will be the first presentation I’ve done on an electronics topic in nearly a decade! The IEEE WMED 2020 conference is an excellent opportunity for young professionals and experienced researchers working in the electronics industry to present their work. I’ll be presenting on optimization of PCB transmission line geometry using causal models for electromagnetic wave behavior. We hope to see everyone in Boise on 30 March 2020.


SPIE Optics + Photonics 2020

This conference is one of the most important US photonics conferences one can attend, right alongside CLEO, Photonics West, and the yearly IEEE Photonics Society Conference. Here, I’ll be presenting a much longer paper on time-dependent random laser theory, including stability and transient results for different pumping sources. The goal is to create a theoretical framework that fully describes unstable behavior and strong fluctuations in these systems. We hope to see everyone in San Diego on 23-27 August 2020.


PCB West 2020

Welcome to the premier PCB design and manufacturing conference in the US: PCB West. I’ll have the pleasure of catching up with some of my clients and hopefully acquiring some new ones. I’m planning to submit my IEEE WMED 2020 research to this conference as a technical presentation. We’ll see if they accept…

Aside from the technical presentations, this event is an excellent opportunity to learn more about PCB manufacturing, see some beautiful circuit boards, and learn more about the industry in general. We hope to see everyone in Santa Clara on 8-11 September 2020.


AltiumLive 2020

And last but not least… AltiumLive! Unfortunately, I had to miss AltiumLive last year due to scheduling conflicts, but I’m making sure to attend this year, and hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to present on transmission line geometry optimization. I couldn’t imagine a more enjoyable way to end the year than to hang out with all the great folks from Altium. The AltiumLive conference has become a major event to attend, with industry experts and updates from the company being presented over a number of days. There was also a robot battle competition in 2019, and hopefully the fun continues in 2020!


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